My day did not go so well.  Dealing daily with depression and anxiety is obviously not fun.  And when the one person who should understand you and your struggles says things like “WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM???” when you are clearly already struggling, it can go from bad to worse. At least Ruby was cute.  She understands.  Just her sweet little… Read more →

32 and anxious.

This is 32.  As much as I feel like the same person I have always known myself to be, I couldn’t feel further away from her. I have always felt like a loner, independent.  But now, I wonder how on earth I have gotten to 32 without any friends by my side?  I know, I know.  I have friends.  Just not… Read more →

18 Months Old!

Ruby Louise is 18 months old today! This kid continues to make Blake and I so proud everyday.  Ruby loves to talk, make funny faces, go to the park and look out the window for doggies.  Ruby’s heart has been healthy since her surgery and she has graduated to annual visits with the cardiologist.  To say that she has lots… Read more →

4 Months Old!

Ruby Louise is 4 months old today!  And it has been 3 months since her open heart surgery.  I say it all the time but I could not be more proud of this beautiful, goofy, happy little girl.  All I have to do is look at this face and I know that everything is going to be ok. Read more →

December at home.

Wow! Has it really been 2 months? Time has flown by! Coming home from the hospital was a major adjustment for everyone, but we are settling in to our new life at home.  Ruby is doing so great! She definitely had some challenges when we arrived home, but she is now eating better and most importantly she is growing. Ruby… Read more →

Day 11 – 16 at Strong

More like day 11 – 1,000,000   The days are definitely melding together. Ruby has had a difficult time eating since her surgery. She receives her formula through a feeding tube but needs to be eating from the bottle and gaining weight before she can come home. We are having a hard time with this because she had no problem… Read more →

Day 10 at Strong

Guess what? It’s Ruby’s 1 month birthday!   We would have never imagined that this is how we would spend our first month as new parents. Blake and I are super duper lucky to call this little lady ours.  Ruby has been through more in a month than most go through in a lifetime.  We all spent the day cuddling… Read more →

Day 6 and 7 at Strong

Today Ruby had the dressing removed from her incision. Everything looks great! She is making progress all around and the plan will be to have her breathing on her own and eating within a few days.   A very nice nurse helped Ruby explore her creative side and she painted this picture for Blake and I. Read more →